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  • The Exit Room Kansas City

    Are you someone who is traveling to Missouri for a short trip or a holiday? Well! If it is so then you must be willing to pay a visit to an escape room filled with adventurous tasks, games and puzzles to make your day a memorable experience. Moreover, for all those adventure freaks who want read more

  • Mauna Kea Scenic Drive

    You can get to the visitor center via a paved road and offers great views up there. Another 5 miles of mostly unpaved road offers an even better view. Climb up over 14,000 feet and check out the Keck observatory as well. Not recommended for pregnant folks, under 16, people scuba diving that day, people read more

  • Emesine Cave Lava Tube

    The trail to the cave is off of Saddle Rd. at GPS Cord. 19.67221 -155.37327. or you can take Pu’u O’o Trail just down the road some more. Drive up this trail until you see a gate then hike about 4.5 miles to the cave on the West side of the trail hard to see read more

  • Old Mamakahoa Scenic Highway

    The old Mamakahoa Scneic road comes on and off the new Mamakahoa Highway. It goes by the Tropical Botanical Gardens, What’s Shakin, Kolekole Beach Park, and many interesting views and great bridges.