• Muliwai Trail

    A steep, four wheel drive road extends from the lookout down into the valley. Upon reaching the valley floor, take the road to the right, then follow the beach to Wailoa Stream. The road ends at the stream. Ford the stream and follow the horse trail on the dunes to read more

  • Crater Rim Trail Kilauea

    11 mile trail Sometimes some parts may be closed due to current eruptions Diverse scenery from tropical to craters with steam. Allow about 30 min per mile. Challenging trail at times cracked earth, sulfur, holes and loose rock.

  • Kīlauea Iki Trail

    Rainforest and lava flows, also see Kilauea Iki Crater lake that is still steaming. Pear into a vent that reupted to a height of 1900 ft in 1959. Moderate hike steep and rocky 400 ft up and down. 4 mile loop 2-3 hour hike.

  • Haiku Stairs

    Also known as the stairs to Heaven or Haiku Ladder is a steep hiking trail on the island of Oahu. 3,922 steps. The site is not open to the public and is posted no trespassing. Please be respectful of the residents when parking or going to the stairs. Video shows read more